In our school, we watched about The lion King to learn about ecosystem. The Lion King has so many incredible heroes like Mufasa, Simba and Nala just like we do! My number one hero is my dad. He is very kind, brave, strict, loving and strong just like Mufasa in The Lion King. When I made poor choices my dad will warn me just like Simba. I also have another hero too! It’s my mom. She is kind and loving like Smiba’s mother. Simba’s mother always kind to Simba, for example when she let Simba to go play with Nala like my mother let me go to play with my best friend. Who is your hero?



In Mexico they celebrate Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) with fireworks, parties (fiesta), food, dance, and music on September 16. Flags, flowers, and decorations in colors of Mexican flag can be seen in public areas in cities and towns. The traditional food they eat in this holiday is chiles en nogada, which is meal made from stuffed poblano peppers doused in a walnut sauce.

Bandera de México

Mexico Flag from flicker






In Australia they celebrate Christmas in middle of the summer. People often spend Christmas day family members and close friends. Christmas is holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus but many people are not christian. To Australian Christmas is a time to give and receive gifts. Many people will decorate their homes with Christmas decorations. Many people eat a special meal on Christmas day. Traditionally the main meal is similar to the Christmas meals served in Europe.

Image result for australia christmas Australia Christmas from expatbag


The other name for new years’s day in Japan is Shōgatsu which is the biggest holiday in Japan. The first three days of the new year are important. Family get together to celebrate the new year when children receive a money gift called Otoshidama. People eat traditional new year dishes called Osechi. The Osechi is made of 8 dishes typically, such as sweet rolled omellette,broiled fish cake, herring roe, black soy beans, pickled daikon radish and carrots, a soup of mochi, dried sardines cooked in soy souce, and cooked vegetables.  Each of the dishes has a good fortune so that people eat them at the first day of the year to pray their good days through the year.

Image result for japanese new year day Osechi in Pinterest


Hi, today I will talk about my 20% project for my school. I have group of three and we come up of safety and secure. Our project is all abut safety in all places like internet, social media, and real life.  We will post safety tips from our website and YouTube video. If you want to learn more, see our Visual Aide for more information.

I have three word that describe my feeling of this project it is difficult, hope, and nervous. My first word is “difficult” because this project is enormous. I have to make blog post every other week and YouTube video every end of the month but I don’t have time so it will be difficult to do. My second word is “hope” because I hope that we can complete this project smoothly by no troubles. At last my final word is ” nervous” because in March we have big speech that our group have. Also I am nervous if we will fail or not.

Our group goals for this November is make website by November 10 and post our first post by November 17.



What I will talk about you today!

Today I will talk about good point of my Japanese school and my American school. I have my information by my experience. I am Japanese and I went to school of those two of countries.

sunilkargwal on pixabay

My American school

Over all I think most of you will be familiar about ( my same elementary students) but I will talk about 4 good points if you aren’t in our school.

  • Have differentiating instruction to meet individual needs so I can challenge my-self and go to higher level
  • NO homework for weekend, summer, winter, spring, break!!!
  • Ride school bus to go school and come back to home
  • Uses electronic device for your work almost all the time so the work can be more faster


My Japaneses school

I think you will be noticing this first time in your life. I will talk 5 good points like we did on american school also I will talk about some fun facts.


Image result for 小学校配膳

  • Have a LOT of homework for summer, winter and spring break which make me disappointed because of dreamy break turns out to be working days.
  • Students will set up by them self to get ready for lunch

Goo Blog


  • Student are assigned each specific section of school by groups and do this about 15 min to make the school clean and fresh. ( Even a BATHROOM and PRINCIPAL ROOM!!!!!)
  • Swimming is part of PE in summer
  • You have to eat ALL food that is provided but you can reduce your food if you didn’t start to eat
  • Have 20 min recces after 2nd period and 30 min recces after lunch
  • Have BIGGGGG playground



Image result for nerf gun machine gun

Hi, today I will share my saddest day story that really happen on the day after turning to 9 years old. Also this was my first time in my life getting in trouble after my birthday.

It was great morning still, my parent bought me a Nerf Gun in the store. The Nerf Gun I got was shiny and it looked perfect that what I wanted! It was the machine gun and it shoot fast, hard and smooth.  That evening when my dad was finished his work I said thank you and show him by using my homemade target. The first shot was pretty good but when I was trying to shoot my second bullet my mom made a loud noise dropping her coffee. I was surprised and missed my shot and hit my mom’s favorite bird that is made by glass. The glass burst it in the air! I got in BIGGGGGG trouble!

Now then my parent never buy me a Nerf gun. If I did’t make a poor choice I think I got a bunch of them which will be awesome because I can do Nerf Gun fight with my friends . Will this is my saddest day I had in my  life right now. Thanks for reading and be sure to read other posts. Bye bye.

kasiaczernik on pixabay


Hello I am Yuki. I really like your blog about long board. I never notice that they have speed of 140 mph, it is faster than cars on highway! Is a person on the board when it made the world record? If so how can someone ride that, it’s crazy and huge challenging!

Long Boards

  1. I choose to read this blog because it is about a long board that I am interested in.
  2. I am related to this author because he is my friend.
  3. I leave this comment because I want him to know what I am thinking after reading his blog.


Activity 3

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flicker


Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one BURST OFF! Even Smith sees it off with hope, he is an engineer of  NASA. He has worked for 8 years on space ship engine and he was very nervous for this project because this new NASA’s project is his first enormous one that the U.S government spend a lot of money. He had worked hard and spent his 3 years on this project and all he can do for now is praying. The rocket goes up and up…..until…. What happened next?



   Activity 4



    Nathan Proudlove on Flicker



Video Game Controller Icon by isaiah658Video Game Controller Icon on openclipart



 kmicican on pixabay


  amboo who? on flickr


 Tumisu on pixabay


Activity 1

Today we talk about citing picture. The reason we cite the picture is because if I want use someones picture, I have to cite it ,unless I will get in trouble by copyright. The only way you accidentally  copyright is you just don’t know about. To cite you have to copy and paste the URL then write short sentence whom picture you use. For example “This picture was taken by Mr. Bob.”  If you copy someones work and said that is your work that is called plagiarism.

Activity 2

Image result for spooky halloween

This picture is from The Fuze Magazine        Spooky Halloween



Dark Foggy Halloween Night

Clock Ticks Rapidly….

Dead Bodies Lay Everywhere

Black Tree Shadow, Swing With The Freezing Wind


You Feel The Intense Cold

And Now Terror

But Don’t terrify

Lights Guide YOU Sprite Way


Do you have an avatar in your blog? Will obviously I have my avatar too. In my avatar it look like detective because I love writing and reading mysterious story and love to watch Japanese animation about Sherlock Holmes. I where glasses because it looks cool to me. In my blog avatar I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin color which is exact same. I where polo shirt which I usually where it, but not necktie unless in picture day. My back ground is soccer field because soccer is my passion. Also my hair is not like that, it is just when I created my avatar they don’t have my hairstyle so I did a little bit similar hair. Face Your Manga


Do you have any passion? Like drawing, fashion, photography, sports ,and other things. Well to me my passion is soccer. In my opinion soccer is the best sports I ever played in my life. I have two reason why soccer is best sport. First thing is that I can use awesome foot trick if I get really good like this video. When I use the trick and success, it is incredible! The second reason is that we can pass a LOT. It is fun when we pass to our teammates and score when other team even can’t touch the ball. But this happen only 2-3 times. This is why soccer is the best sport.

Now I think you want to know when and how I started my soccer life. I started my soccer life when I was about 8 years old in spring. I went to the Sports of All Sorts beginner team. My first team was purple team. That time I have no clue the rules about soccer all I know was to to use ball. I started soccer as recreation in addition my mom wanted me to build physical strength. I remember my first game I was late like a 10 minutes beside that I was very nervous. But that fear was like a snap. Sense I have no clue about the soccer rules my coach explain the basics. When I first time stand on the field I was midfielder. In first half I scored 1 point and in second half I scored 2 points. I was very surprised by myself.  I played this team for 2 years and I quiet. To get soccer more intensively in 4th grade I stared to play at Kings Hammer. Now my position is center back. Center back is outfield player whose primary role is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals (defender). My best game so far is when I did great defense. When the other teams’s right wing dribbled like a cheetah, I use my shoulder to knock him off and kick it to outside then he pushes me and rolled at least 4 times. Now I can’t stop playing soccer, soccer is my best sport!