Hi, today I will talk about my 20% project for my school. I have group of three and we come up of safety and secure. Our project is all abut safety in all places like internet, social media, and real life.  We will post safety tips from our website and YouTube video. If you want to learn more, see our Visual Aide for more information.

I have three word that describe my feeling of this project it is difficult, hope, and nervous. My first word is “difficult” because this project is enormous. I have to make blog post every other week and YouTube video every end of the month but I don’t have time so it will be difficult to do. My second word is “hope” because I hope that we can complete this project smoothly by no troubles. At last my final word is ” nervous” because in March we have big speech that our group have. Also I am nervous if we will fail or not.

Our group goals for this November is make website by November 10 and post our first post by November 17.

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