About Me

Hello everyone. My name is Yuki and this will tell you about few things about me.

  1. To describe me I am kind, athletic and love to use imagination.
  2. My physical features is I have black hair, dark brown eye, tan skin color, and height is about 150 cm.
  3. I am 12 years old and go to middle school.
  4. I am doing soccer at Kings Hammer and I started soccer when I was 2nd grade.
  5. My hobby is making LEGO which I love to make houses and to use imagination.
  6. I have four family member, my mother, father, sister and me. My father is CPA, my mother is teacher, and my sister is in elementary school.
  7. I enjoy making forts in my backyard forest.
  8. My grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts live in Japan which take about 13 hours!
  9. My favorite book series is Dairy of Wimpy Kid and I really want to read #12 The Gataway.
  10. I love to watch American Ninja Warrior.
  11. My favorite subject is social study because history is interesting.
  12.  I enjoy drawing vehicles such as car, ship, and airplane in 2D and 3D
  13. My favorite favorite app is SimCity BuildIt and Slither.io
  14. My favorite animal is dog.
  15. My favorite food is my mother’s dishes

     I hope now, you know few thing about me. See you and bye.

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